Get your free time and passive income so you can live more luxuriously and enjoy the ones you care about.
Solve your lack of confidence to live the life you desire in just six hours!


Hey there, I’m DezMarie!


I help expectant and new parents make passive income, spend more time with their families while living a healthy sustainable lives. 

From repossession to replacement, I’ve experienced it all and while still caring for my family. I missed some of the most precious moments with my children and ones I cared about. Above all, my self care was just nonexistent.

I graduated with my BS in Nutrition with a minor in Biology and Dance from University of Delaware. I also coached over 300 youth in competitive sports including gymnastics Junior Olympic winner, Morgan Hurd.

Since 2014 I’ve coached over 300 plus youth and teams to consistently winning titles and expanded entrepreneurial development in several adults. I have also been able to build a solid team to help me step into my purpose and make 5 figure months consistently.

Step into your purpose and create
passive income while working less.

A VIP Day is the fastest way for new and expectant parents to free up time to heal and enjoy parenthood.

What is the Real Life Business VIP Day?

This VIP day serves individuals entering the stages of parenthood. Whether they are planning, expecting, or just have had a baby, parents will learn how to step into their purpose while restoring confidence, creating work life balance and establishing healthier lifestyle habits.


Increased confidence and self awareness about strengths, weaknesses and current health habits around fitness, physically and mentally.


In depth action plan to create healthier habits and step into your purpose while making passive income.


Connect to follow up support groups and partners, as well as follow up fitness tools and courses to assist in your health goals

Wave goodbye to overnight shifts and missed memories with ones you love!

Let’s check out some of the things you’ll be ditching. 


Feeling unsure about your body transformations and/or lifestyle choices


Lack of faith in yourself and your capability to live the life you desire


Missing out on time with family and friends due to working long nights


Avoiding date nights and sacrificing self love time


Wondering how to create more passive income


Eating poor menu options to save time after a long day at work

REAL LIFE BUSINESS VIP DAY is different from other things you’ve tried!

Here’s How it Compares

Do It Yourself 

Real Life Business VIP Day

Takes substantially more time which could be instead spent doing what you love or with loved onesWill have a complete analysis and action plan in just six hours saving tons of time
1:1 consult from a professional not provided nor customized for youSix hour 1:1 consult to discuss your specific goals
No mentor to guide you through unspoken obstacles as you transitionOpen access to myself and others to guide you through your transformation
Typically does not utilize a holistic approach to changeWill comprehensively assess mind, body and soul to encourage change
Lack of funding or use personal moneyProvides exclusive access to investors and funding opportunities
Does not provide templates for better workflowProvide templates for you to implement your actionable steps

You can secure your place on my calendar and begin your transformation journey for just $5000 today!

Payment options are available

Real Life Business VIP Day is a fit for you if you…


Are constantly working long hours to secure financial freedom for your family


Wish you could spend more time doing what you love or with loved ones


Want to discover your purpose and use it to secure financial freedom


Tried side hustles but still need more money that requires less time


Want to feel more confident in the way you look and feel about yourself


Value quality time with family and friends


Know you have skills but want to figure out how you can make them profitable

After Your Real Life VIP Business Day…

You will have an increase self awareness that will build great confidence

You will understand your skill set and have actionable steps on how to make profit from them

You will feel supported in stepping into your purpose and creating a healthy transformation for the mind, body and soul

You will have more time on your schedule to spend with loved ones

You will be able to live life more luxuriously

Ready to get started?

Here Are Some Real Life Takeaways

After your VIP day, you will come out with the following:

Real Life Business Planner

Confidence Mood Board Templates

Fresh Heir Affirmations Journal

Menu Planner & Quick Meal Recipe Book

Customized Fitness Plans & Tutorials

FB Community & 6-Month Group Coaching

And More!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a payment arrangement option?

Yes, we can set up a payment arrangement option; but payment must be made in full before you can hop on the calendar for your VIP day.

How long will it take to make this lifestyle transformation?

You will have an in depth action plan after just six hours with me, however you will have six months group support to assist you as you adjust to this new lifestyle.

Can I wait to do the program when I am ready?

The longer you wait, the more time wasted and the less money made. I made that mistake before and wish I had the opportunity like this to get ahead. Plus the price is constantly increasing as the value I provide increases.

Can I do this by myself from videos on Youtube or a Google search?

Of course, doing it yourself will take longer and cost more in the long run as you would in the meantime leave money on the table. And if you have not done it on your own thus far, what makes now different?

I saw another person that can do this for cheaper, what’s the reason for the price difference?

I’m sure there are other coaches that are cheaper in rate, however they cannot provide a holistic approach to your lifestyle transformation like this or complete it in just six hours!

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