About DezMarie™ AKA “The Fresh Heir & Inspirational Mompreneur”

I was born and raised in Long Island, New York in a happy, strong Christian home led by my grandparents. My grandmother was the strongest pillar in my life always showering me with positive affirmations, loads of physical touch and attention and always praying over me. From an early age my talents were fully supported by my grandparents and my educators. I sang in church in a small group led by my grandfather for several years, I was selected several times for public speaking opportunities and teaching assistant jobs at school, I was an exceptional student academically and I danced at local dance studios which my mother supported. 

My parents were present and somewhat active in my life, but their brokenness forced me to grow a lot faster than most. I endured several accounts of sexual abuse, emotional neglect and physical abuse at the hands of the exact people who had given me life. So here I was, this “fresh heir” seeking attention and understanding that led me to a life of curiosity trying to understand parts of myself that were hidden. That’s when life got real beyond my imagination but yet I still continued to maintain good grades, maintain healthy friendships, (which I still have except one cause there’s always one rotten apple lol) and enjoy extracurricular activities. I even graduated at the top of my class with honors and was accepted to every college I applied to and took a full scholarship in an honors program at Fayetteville State University. 

Despite me realizing that my strength was carrying me, I was reluctant to realize that I was no longer needing to be in survival mode as an adult in the real world. During my undergraduate career I maintained a long term toxic relationship and had my first child. I failed my first semester back trying to balance motherhood and a physically abusive partner and our toxic ways, however I used my son as motivation and graduated University of Delaware with a double major in Nutrition and Biology and minor in dance with a 3.3 GPA. I worked several jobs teaching dance and coaching gymnasts as well as being a leasing consultant at the same time to manage my finances and provide a great life for my son.

After graduating college, I was accepted to a dental hygiene program and was racially targeted and dismissed without good cause after making the sacrifice to travel from Delaware to New York to provide better for my son. I was only weeks from graduating but I knew God had a better plan. It was then that I was involved in a car accident that led me to be still and unable to perform any of the several jobs I currently held. It was at this point that I started to evaluate my true abilities and circumstances and began to transform my life into my purpose.

It was at the point where I could have crumbled to the unfair parts of life, yet I started to truly seek the ways to reach my fullest potential and shed my light. It was a long path and I still underwent several uphill battles, but it was through these transitions, my testimony and my purpose was clear. I grew the courage to use my voice and my vision to empower and inspire those around me. My faith is as strong as its ever been, so I am now here to share my testimony and the many things that helped me to be all that I desire to be and offer some survival skills that keep me fit mentally, physically and emotionally, even as a single mother of two (almost three!)

I hope you all enjoy my story along with others to understand that despite how real life gets, you love yourself unapologetically and shine your light anyway!

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